How Can Mortgage Lenders Cultivate Top Talent?
Martina Schubert Chief Tech Officer

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Originally published on MortgageOrb

By Martina Schubert

The mortgage industry, like other industries, is searching for new ways to attract and retain fresh talent. The challenge is finding qualified people who fit in with the culture of the company and the industry. Today, this can require some creative thinking and hiring methods.

Traditionally, it has been easy for a company’s operational leaders and recruiters to place new hires in a restrictive box, pairing them with the specific roles or only offering opportunities to work with technologies they have interacted with previously. Once in that box, it can be difficult for new employees to break out and discover unknown strengths and interests.

For example, a front-end developer may never consider the transition to a full stack developer simply because they have not had the opportunities to understand that area of the company.

By giving new employees the opportunity to participate in an intensive program to learn the organizational culture as well as its technology, companies can improve their chances of developing a well-rounded employee who can make substantive contributions earlier in their career. 

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