How LenderClose’s Colleen Kinsey Combines her Passions for Knowledge & Helping Others

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As I look ahead to speaking at this weekend’s Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit (IES) National Conference, I spent some time reflecting on what led me here. Passion. Life experiences. And, the possibilities that come from the power of knowledge. 

When Catherine Tran, executive director of IES, contacted me about presenting at their national conference, I leapt at the opportunity. IES’s mission is to drive success for immigrant-owned businesses by providing educational workshops, resources and networking. This organization’s mission immediately resonated with me. I am passionate about creating opportunities for people to succeed – whether they are in my community or from different backgrounds around the world.

This passion started when I was young; I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures, languages and ways of life. Six years ago, I sold everything I owned, except for what would fit in a backpack, and pursued a lifestyle as a digital nomad. 

Never heard of a digital nomad you say? Basically, I lived nomadically while using technology to work online. Over a period of four years, I traveled to 45 countries and experienced so many cultures that had fascinated me for years. 

My passion for creating opportunities for others manifested while volunteering at an orphanage in India. I realized that so many people have the cards stacked against them and lack simple resources. This inspired me to share my skill sets to help others build their own success. 

I realized that the power of knowledge is only gained by sharing it.

When I returned from my nomadic experience about a year ago, I joined LenderClose. I am part of a collaborative team, and I use my skills to help design the latest in lending innovation. When I’m not working, I love to volunteer my time and give presentations on digital marketing and websites for businesses. 

Many business owners and non-profits underestimate the value of a clear and strategic online presence – especially during a pandemic! At the IES National Conference on November 21, I’ll cover five key website tactics that will strategically build your brand and maximize your digital presence.

If these topics interest you, make sure to register for the Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit today. I would love to share my knowledge with you and help you succeed.

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