Team Member Spotlight – Ronnie Wittenauer

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LenderClose team members come from many different backgrounds and constantly find ways to spark greatness. The Team Member Spotlight series highlights one of our team members each month. This month, the spotlight is on Ronnie Wittenauer, who was recently hired as a Relationship Manager.

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If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be and why?

I would describe myself as a Client Support Advocate. As a Relationship Manager, I strive to be a voice and advocate for my clients to provide them with faster, more efficient turn times and system enhancements.

What credentials/past experience prepared you for working in your position?

I’ve spent the last decade working in finance, so I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry. This has equipped me with a moving-forward, problem-solving, goal-driven way of thinking.

What excites you about the work you do?

I want to help bring the excitement back to lending! We are in times when buying or renovating a home is actually an achievable goal instead of just a far-out dream! However, that excitement is often overshadowed by paper work, long turn times, and frustration in getting things done. At LenderClose, we want to alleviate that burden so lenders can focus on their borrowers and the borrowers can feel excited rather than frustrated throughout the process!

What hobbies, volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

I love to read pretty much anything and I dabble a bit in photography. I specialize in portrait photography currently, but I’d love to one one day be a travel photographer.

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