Browser Requirements

The LenderClose platform is best viewed with the most recent, stable versions of the browsers below, all of which are freely available for download from their respective websites


Google® Chrome™

Current and 10 previous versions


Mozilla Firefox®

Current and 7 previous versions


Microsoft® Edge

Current and 5 previous versions


Apple® Safari

Current and 3 previous versions

For security purposes, support for Microsoft® Internet Explorer 11 has been scaled back in response to Microsoft’s discontinued support of the browser. Using Internet Explorer to access LenderClose may result in a suboptimal user experience. If you choose to use Internet Explorer, please note it has a Compatibility View (or mode) that affects how some websites are displayed. The LenderClose platform may not display properly if Compatibility View is enabled.

Helpful information for using LenderClose

  • Minimum screen resolution at 1024×768.
  • Enable cookies to use portions of
  • Enable Javascript.
  • Enable stylesheets.

Note: By default, the above items are enabled upon initial installation of a browser.