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Any special software to install for Remote Online Notarization?

Installation of software is not required. The entire session is conducted utilizing a web-browser. Refer to preferred web-browsers section for more details.

Here are the basic requirements

  • High speed broadband with all network and devices properly configured
  • If using Windows or Mac the latest Google Chrome or Firefox browser is required
  • If using Android devices, the latest Google Chrome browser is required
  • If using iPhone or iPad MUST be IOS 11 or higher using latest Safari is required
  • The device MUST have a front-facing camera (signers must see one another during the session)
  • The device MUST have a microphone
  • The device MUST have speakers in order to hear others in the session
  • Ensure no other applications are accessing or using the camera and microphone prior to beginning the session. A fresh restart to the device(s) being utilized for the RON session, might be ideal prior to the session.  
    For example, if Skype is running in the background or other similar applications, it is possible that it has taken ownership of the camera and microphone
  • Sessions via a VPN connection will not connect work