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Does the technology maintain an eJournal for the notary? What does the eJournal contain?

Yes, the eJournal contains the following:

  • Date/time of each RON session scheduled and executed.
  • Type of documents executed (file name)
  • Unique session ID
  • Notary public name
  • Notarial act type
  • Date and time stamp on the documents executed
  • Notary public commission number
  • Notary public commissioned state
  • Notary public commission expiration date
  • Type of notarization; Remote or In-Person
  • Total of pages uploaded for execution
  • Each signer(s)’ first and last name
  • Each signer(s)’ email address
  • Each signer(s)’ ID validation result
  • Each signer(s)’ address as it appears on the government issued ID
  • Each signer(s)’ IP address during the session
  • Each signer(s)’ unique signature ID that is connected to the overall unique session ID
  • Each signer(s)’ date of execution
  • Date and time the eJournal entry is created by the technology
  • IP address where session was created from
  • Session creation date/time
  • Recording of the notarial act