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How does the borrower use remote online notary RON?

RON works with most internet browsers on a computer, smartphone or tablet. An internet connection is required as RON takes place in a live video session. 

For home equity or mortgage loans, and once the transaction is clear-to-close, the lending staff can schedule a date and time convenient for the borrower(s) to join a RON session. 

The session is controlled by the notary public. All that is required is for every RON session attendee to have a computer, smartphone, or tablet with audio and video capabilities. 

The process is the same as the physical notary process however it moves to an environment where the borrower and witness and/or any additional party required meet in a virtual environment:

  1. The document(s) which need to be eSigned or notarized is uploaded by the lender or notary public into the session in a PDF format. 
  2. Proof of identity is validated using knowledge-based authentication (KBA) or per state requirements.  
  3. The borrower is connected with a commissioned notary public through live video to confirm identity (usually a valid state driver’s license). 
  4. Notarized documents are then captured and provided to the lender with the option to securely share with the borrower for download, save, or share.