Accelerate Home Equity Loan Growth:
LenderClose & MeridianLink® Consumer Integration

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At the time of this webinar, MeridianLink Consumer® was known as MeridianLink LoansPQ®.
Andrea RemingtonLoan Processing Manager, Collins Community Credit Union
“The ability to access LenderClose through the MeridianLink interface will free up an incredible amount of time for our staff. The data fields auto populate from LenderClose into MeridianLink® Consumer, saving us so much from both a time and error standpoint.”
Becky BeardAVP of Mortgage Operations, Deere Employees Credit Union
“Our old process required us to mail mortgages to county offices nationwide, with a check in every package. It took us 5 to 7 business days to record a mortgage or file a release. Now, we upload our documents to the LenderClose platform and the county e-records it the next business day, sometimes within hours or even minutes. Once recorded, we're able to retrieve a copy of the documents, complete with county stamps.”
Jason WhiteVP, Mortgage Loan Operations Manager, Central Bank
"Considering the way consumer demands shift, looking for ways to streamline the real estate and equity lending process was a must. LenderClose offers a comprehensive solution which allows our bank to generate lending decisions quicker than before"

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