LenderClose eRecording Network Expands

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In 2019, LenderClose fully integrated the nation’s largest e-recording network. The network serves approximately 85% of the U.S. population, enabling counties and other recording jurisdictions to drive down processing time and costs by securely reviewing, stamping, recording and returning documents electronically and remotely. 

Recently, this network expanded to include 55 recording jurisdictions in the eastern and southern U.S. to their e-recording network. Electronic recording, or eRecording, significantly improves efficiency and reduces gap times by eliminating the need to physically mail or deliver deeds, releases, or mortgages to county recorders. 

Lenders are able to use LenderClose to send a range of recordable documents to 2,126 counties for e-recording nationwide. In addition, recording fees and associated payments can be processed directly through LenderClose and billed monthly, eliminating payment errors and check-writing expenses

“Our old process required us to mail mortgages to county offices nationwide, with a check in every package. It took us 5 to 7 business days to record a mortgage or file a release. Now, we upload our documents to the LenderClose platform and the county e-records it the next business day, sometimes within hours or even minutes. Once recorded, we're able to retrieve a copy of the documents, complete with county stamps.”

Becky Beard, AVP of Mortgage Operations, Deere Employees Credit Union

To experience the speed and efficiency LenderClose brings to the lending process, schedule a live demo today or contact us for more information. 

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