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Check out the most recent LenderClose updates in the article previews below.

The Problem Lenders Don’t Know They Have

By Ben Rempe, LenderClose COO

2020 has been a year for the ages. Despite the rollercoaster of events, do you feel that your lending department is still running pretty well? You probably have a solid team in place, your processes are nailed down, and maybe even despite a backlog, you’re consistently turning around real estate loans in about 40 days. 

Sounds pretty great … or is it?

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Team Member Spotlight – Erika DeMers

At LenderClose, our team members come from many different backgrounds and constantly find ways to spark greatness within their teams. To show the appreciation for the amazing members of our #DreamTeam, LenderClose began a Team Member Spotlight series, which highlights one team member each month.

This month, LenderClose is putting the spotlight on Erika DeMers, Implementation Specialist, who has been part of Team LenderClose since November 2018.

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Women in Technology: Martina Schubert

First seen in Finopotamus: When Martina Schubert began her career 31 years ago, she said the idea of working in technology was considered novel and not particularly popular, especially for women.

“There were few women in the industry, and none in executive roles. My parents, who were factory workers, did not understand why I would want to go to college,” Schubert reflected. “The truth was, I mostly wanted to do what my friends were doing, and they were going to college.”

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Platform-Based Services Help Community Lenders Overcome Steep Digital Curve

Not long ago, a platform wasn’t much more than an inanimate object to stand on. Today, platform-based services are one of the biggest trends driving change in the financial industry. 

Digital platforms are enabling financial institutions to access innovative technologies so they can deliver the fast, convenient service customers now expect. Community-based lenders, facing competition from the resource-rich big banks and the forward-looking technology companies capturing growing market share, are finding value in fintech partnerships that help them meet the rapidly bending digital curve. 

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How Lenders Can Prepare for What’s Ahead in the Real Estate Market

By Omar Jordan, LenderClose Founder & CEO

What’s the future outlook for the real estate lending market? Right now, the mortgage lenders we know are staying very busy. In most places, the housing market has moved beyond the recovery phase; in fact, real estate sales activity is exceeding pre-COVID-19 pace. In addition, ultra-low interest rates have swamped lenders with refinance and purchase money applications as homeowners look to lock in lower rates and further invest in things like home improvement or consolidation.

But, if this year has taught us anything, it’s that things can change quickly. There are a number of future scenarios that could play out. In fact, all of them could happen before the end of the year … 

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