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LenderClose is a technology-focused lending solution injecting speed and efficiency into the lending process, greatly enhancing the borrowing experience. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the rapidly-growing company is focused on equipping credit unions and community banks with innovative workflows and process automation. Obsessive about the user experience, LenderClose continues to journey towards an exceptional borrower experience.

Meet the LENDERCLOSE Dream Team

LenderClose’s forward-thinking solutions and award-winning technology compiles all of the information lenders need, in one, single hub. The LenderClose solution enables credit unions and community banks to streamline the lending process and shorten the lending cycle to generate a better borrower experience.

Omar Jordan

Founder / CEO

Martina Schubert


Allen Jingst


Whitney Goodman

Executive Assistant

Samantha Paxson

CO-OP Financial Services

Stefanie Rupert

Collins Community Credit Union

Nick Evens


Kris Kovacs

Constellation Digital Partners

Scott Hoekman

Next Level Ventures

Omar Jordan

Founder / CEO

Melanie Wacha

Operations Manager

Cameron Wilson

Vendor Operations Manager

Kara Miner

Senior Operations Specialist

Crystal Henderson

Operations Specialist

Kent Kelderman


Sheena Lovan

Operations Specialist

Andrew Deignan

Senior Product Manager

Tabitha Ochoa

Product Discovery Manager

Allen Jingst


Chris Meade

VP of Client Relations

Ken Dickerson

VP of Sales

Troy Allen

AVP, Client Relations

Wesley Peterson

AVP, Client Relations

Fabio Rivas

AVP, Client Relations

Connor Sorge

AVP, Client Relations

Max Zaug

AVP, Client Relations

Marty Pohlmeier

Relationship Manager

Andrew Behr

Sales Executive

Alex Matthys

Sales Executive

Hunter Ingham

Sales Executive

Matthew Manyvong

Sales Executive

Faith Santee

Sales Executive

Trey Steenhoek

Sales Development Representative

Martina Schubert


Felix Dominguez

Head of Engineering

Michael Kroher

Principal Engineer

Ryan McDonnell

Delivery Lead

Colleen Kinsey

UI/UX Strategist & Engagement Lead

Anna Gass

Software Engineer

Kiara Moyer

Software Engineer

Justin Oglesby

Software Engineer

Jordyn Farver

Business Intelligence Analyst

Aidan Kelderman

Technical Specialist

Priya Balakrishnan

QA Engineer

Tracy Hodson

Product Integration Specialist

Guy Sinarinzi-Hay

QA Engineer

Peter Leap

Business Intelligence Analyst

Wendy Bear

Cyber Security Manager

Ryan Javelosa

Product Designer

Nick Throckmorton

Product Designer

Logan Keehner

Product Marketing Manager

Kate Gillum

Content Communications Specialist

Kristin Walters

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Available Opportunities

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