Portfolio Monitoring

Portfolio monitoring offers lenders the capacity to measure market trends and borrower conduct, and assurance that property taxes are not severely delinquent and property values are inline.

Real Estate Tax Monitoring

Avoid the risk of tax sales and high penalties, monitor tax statuses, delinquencies and/or due dates and amounts due.

Tax monitoring is for:

• Escrowed and non-escrowed loans
• Residential and commercial property types

What can go wrong by NOT monitoring real estate taxes?

Hefty penalties and interest charges: 
Once real estate taxes become delinquent, counties/tax agencies begin the accumulation of penalty fees and interest charged.

Superior tax liens, tax sales and even foreclosures:
Property taxes that are severely delinquent are often sold to third-party tax buyers. In these scenarios the tax buyers hold the primary lien, and the lenders/borrowers must buy back the taxes to save the property.

Bulk AVM valuations

LenderClose’s bulk AVM solution gives lenders, insurers, servicers, and investors the ability to evaluate and manage the collateral value of their mortgage or loan portfolios. 

Bulk AVM monitoring can provide up-sell opportunities and the capacity to assess equity lines of credit.

Post Disaster Inspections (PDI)

A post disaster inspection plays a crucial role by estimating the damage and repair costs of a property after a disaster, bringing lenders and borrowers peace of mind and reassurance. 

The report validates and analyzes pertinent details after floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters, giving lenders a detailed current condition of their loan portfolio in affected areas. 

Batch Flood Determinations

Looking for a flood portfolio migration or just need a comprehensive basic flood status report? 

LenderClose can provide a custom solution to accommodate the requirements.