Title Solutions

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LenderClose Home Equity Title Solution

Legal and Vesting Report

Lien Policy Protection

Together, a legal and vesting report and a lien protection policy can replace the traditional title report to expedite home equity lending. 

The benefits of lien protection policy include: coverage from unknown liens and judgements up to $500,000, gap period protection during the time between underwriting and mortgage recording, and time-saving lien position protection and clearing. 

Title Search Reports

• Current owner search / O&E report
• Update or bring-down report
• Legal and vesting report
• Two owner search
• Full search (marketable title)

Instant Title Reports

• Instant property transaction history
• Instant lien search
• Instant listing and market activity

Lien Warranty Solution

Lien warranty coverage up to $500,000

Iowa Lenders

• Attorney opinions
• Form 900 / 901
• Iowa Title Guaranty (ITG)
• Full settlement and escrow